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In support of the historical archive on this major South African sculptor who lived from 1931-1994, we shall from time to time include on this page any new data or images, including notices about works on auction since 1st June, 2017, as long as we are able to.



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LS6504 on auction at Aspire Johannesburg – 17th July, 2017 – Lot 149

Illustrated in their online catalogue on p.183 -

Illustrated in their auction cat. AAA Winter 2017 on p. 183 as Lot 149

Realized ZAR 280'000 / CHF20'800 on auction


LS6717 - Addendum to "Paintings and drawings" - no image recorded previously


LS6725 - Addendum - this work is on auction at Stephan Welz & Co., Cape Town, on 10th/11th October, 2017 - Lot 365 (estimate ZAR8'000-12'000 / CHF 590-880)


LS6908 - Addendum - this work is also illustrated in "The Arts in South Africa" Part II., published by Judith Mason in "The Christian Science Monitor" (undated)


LS7820 - Addendum: illustrated in Stephan Welz & Co., Johannesburg, auction catalogue 25th/26th July, 2017 (Juliet) on p15


LS8209 + Bibliography - Addendum: “A labour of Love” Kunst aus Südafrika – Die 80er jetzt” (Mutumba/Ngcobo) (Weltkulturen Museum) (Kerber Verlag) 2016 p. 25 - ISBN: 978-3-7356-0140-7


LS8713 - Addendum: Illustrated in “Abstraction: South African Art from the 50s to the 70s” - “Welgemeend Cape Town, p. 67 exhibition catalogue published by Strauss & Co., Cape Town (August Art Month 2017) (Kilbourn Collection)


Query "C" - Addendum: broken link to image from original Lucas SITHOLE webpage - see the work on this link! This sculpture was reported to the Art Loss Register UK by the last owner in London as stolen.


One rare new SITHOLE book - ISBN 978-3-033-04655-9 - on auction at Straussonline Johannesburg 8th to 18th September, 2017 - Lot 590



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